For us who want to achieve new results 

Are you in need of concrete tools to improve motivation, enhance performance, and increase employee satisfaction?

Do you want to achieve new results by getting the knowledge to lead needs-oriented based on the recipient's needs, situation, and in relation to your own driving forces?

Are you interested in how to enable business strategy, change, and improve employee retention? We offer the methodology to make it possible.

StrategiAktivist® offers proven research innovation with services covering both individual, team, and organizational levels.

Our methodology works in all industries and cultures, is simple, effective, and inspiring.
Our methodology is based on validated and evidence-based research, as well as practical training.


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Our services are intended for those who wish to gain knowledge in managing a needs-oriented leadership, as well as to gain new insight how to enable business strategy and change in a digital world.

The methodology is MyNeeds®, which is based on proven and evidence-based motivational research.

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MyNeeds® is the only tool within motivational research that measures our psychological needs and is based on validated and evidence-based research. In 2013, the tool received Vinnova’s innovation award.


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Develop your self-leadership by understanding your needs.

Duration of course: 2 days.

Price: 12 500 SEK excluding VAT.

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About SA ®

My Why 

I am passionate in contributing to results creating shared value with a focus on the individual.


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Are you interested in our services and the MyNeeds® tool for custom-made leadership and how to enable strategy and change in action?

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